Healing Sessions

Life Activation

The Life Activation is designed to activate dormant aspects of our being. It reawakens dormant DNA that connects us to our divine nature. This empowering modality turns on the lights, plugs you back into your original blueprints, and opens the door to your potential.

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Aura Healing

The Aura is our energy field that radiates around our body, it is our first line of protection. Maintaining a healthy aura is crucial for living a more vital and physically healthy life. 

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Crystal Healing

In this ancient healing, crystals will be placed on the body and activated with sacred chants. This is a very relaxing, gentle and grounding healing. 

Crystal Reading

Using twin reader crystals, a link is created between client and practitioner to gain insight and information about any question, circumstance, or situation desired to explore. This reading brings clarity from your higher Self on how to move forward and progress.

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Negative Energy Removal and Emotional Cord Cutting

There are cords of energy that connect us to everyone in our lives – past and present. Through these cords, energy can be ‘pulled’, which leaves you feeling tired and off-centre.  Emotional Cord Cutting disconnects negative emotional cords, using an ancient Tibetan tool called a ‘Purbha.’ 

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Egyptian Aura Healing for Manifestations

This powerful session uses ancient Egyptian magick to cleanse the aura from all impurities and negativity. Egyptian magick is one of the highest forms of magick known on this planet today. It is immediate and very effective. 

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Ensofic Ray Reiki

Using the power of the Ensofic Ray, will help to shift physical challenges and emotional patterns for a greater state of balance and an overall sense of well-being in each area. It brings down pure source energy to burn away and remove whatever obstacle is hindering you from living in a state of presence, peace, and joy. 

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